Our size is our strength

We're small and strong and this is what makes us agile. On the market since 2006, our successful price comparison portal has competed at eye level with the giants of the industry.

The team at pricehunter

Get to know our team. We are a diverse group united by common values and goals who also like to have a little fun at work.



Business Manager

Francois-Xavier is an e-commerce expert and business developer. As a formidable wine connoisseur, he also provides us with advice and support with other essential non-work topics.



Senior Developer

Tim has been a full stack developer since 2005, with a preference for working on the frontend. It's not just CSS and Javascript where his talents lie though. He is just as virtuoso with a guitar or camera in his hands.



Product Owner

Raik is originally an economist but since 2014 has also developed lots of enthusiasm for digital products. He always has his eye on the roadmap and knows which story will provide the most benefit for our users and our business.



Agile Coach

Agile methods are very important to us in the team and Lene has these in her DNA. She is fully dedicated to examining which structures are required to enable us to reach our goals as quickly, as efficiently and as satisfyingly as possible.



Perf. Marketing Manager

Let's hear it for performance marketing! Yves has been in the industry since 2008 and has worked for many different price comparison companies. He enjoys the various technical innovations and the pace at which the industry constantly changes.



Business Consultant

Sascha is the most experienced member of our team with 19 years of price comparison experience. Nevertheless he still looks forward to imparting his wisdom to the team with every new day. (quote: like a child).

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Our culture & values

Our culture and values are what define us. That's why we've set the following 4 cornerstones as a basis for our daily work and interaction with each other.

  • We value freedom in our daily work so that fun and creativity can unfold. We believe that the best results come from creativity and the freedom to act.
  • Where freedom exists, trust and responsibility also need to be present. Excessive control only serves to restrict freedom, which is why it is our goal to give our employees maximum trust and responsibility.
  • We cultivate honest and open interaction with each other. Everyone has a right to be heard and only through our honest actions and communication can trust be created and maintained.
  • We see private life as a source of strength which contributes to high performance at work. Therefore we advocate a healthy work-life balance.
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As the subsidiary of a large group of companies, we enjoy many benefits that make our daily work even more pleasant.

Joint parties, team spirit and sustainability
  • Company-wide parties in the summer and at Christmas celebrated with affiliated firms
  • Paid team events
  • Free time granted for social and ecological engagements
Even more advantages
  • Promotion of your professional or management career
  • Free participation in the training courses of the group of companies
  • Free tickets for specialist conferences and trade fairs
Even more advantages
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables from the local organic farm
  • Organic muesli and various types of bread delivered daily
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee
  • Subsidised organic lunches served regularly in the cafeteria
Even more advantages
  • Rental bikes for your lunch break
  • Music rehearsal room
  • Pilates & yoga courses
  • Health care (eye tests, flu vaccination, massage, etc.)
  • Option of having packages delivered to the office

Our working principles

We love agile methods which is why they form the basis of everything we do. At the heart of these methods is a collaborative, interdisciplinary and direct exchange with each other on an equal footing. Important decisions are discussed with the whole team, which in our experience does not contradict the clear responsibilities we have as individuals. In addition, we use the following principles as a guide:

Does it make our site faster or slower? Our mission is to create a good user experience by ensuring the fastest load times. Whether 3G or LTE. We provide you with the best offer on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Unit and integration tests are an important part of our codebase to ensure a high quality of software. 99 % of our code is supported by tests.

We do not speculate and make decisions based on numbers.

We organise our work according to the Kanban method.

We move towards our objectives in small, fast steps. This helps us to remain focused and keep both the end goal and our users in mind.

As a small team, we depend on solutions that can be automated in the long term.

Best practices and their application to our products and methods generate valuable ideas.

We set ourselves goals according to the OKR principle.

Everyone in the team is jointly responsible for the quality of our products. Everyone can play an active role in the design of our products.

Start with the smallest possible meaningful product in order to get (user) feedback that we can use for possible future iterations.

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Techcorner: Our Techstack

In our daily work we rely on a mix of long-established tools and modern technologies. For example, we organise ourselves with Jira and Bitbucket while also making use of new technologies like Spring Boot and Kotlin.


TechCorner: Key performance indicators for our project


200+ processor cores


300+ GB RAM


50,000 page impressions per minute



60+ virtual machines


2 x f5 load balancers