Overview Of The Ranking Order For Offers Displayed On pricehunter.co.uk (hereinafter: Ranking)

I. Standard search via the search field

When searching for retailers‘ offers on pricehunter.co.uk via the search field, you will be taken to a search results page. The offers that are then displayed depend primarily on how well they match the search term(s) you entered but also on how much interest other users have shown in the associated product. In addition, we also check whether or not an image exists for the offer shown.

In summary, the ranking of the individual offers in our search is based on the following key aspects (weighted in the order shown):

  1. Existence of a product photo
  2. Relevance of your search term(s)
  3. Popularity of the product among our customers

We also offer a variety of filter options and other settings which enable you to modify the search results. The order of our price comparison, as mentioned above, therefore only refers to the standard search setting.

II. Price comparison

Within the search results pages, we group offers from different shops for the same products together on the basis of European Article Numbers (or EANs). If you click on one such price group, you will be taken to a product page. First and foremost, we’ll always show you the cheapest price. As standard, this refers to the lowest total price (i.e. the lowest price for the product itself and the delivery costs combined. Any other additional costs do not count towards the total price).

Should more than one pffers have exactly the same price, we sort the products according to the amount the partner shop pays us for a referral to their site. We believe this to be fair since there are no financial disadvantages to you, the customer.

III. Standard search in the individual categories

If you click through our product categories in your search, we’ll show you various products that are listed in these specific categories.

Example: If you click through into “Electronics” and then click on the category “TVs“, you’ll see products that match your search that are listed in the category “TVs“. We decide in which category a product should be listed before it goes live on our website. The ranking of the products in your search is based on the popularity of the individual products among our customers.

If you click on a price group, you will be taken to our price comparison pages. Read section II to find out more about how ranking works in the price comparison.